Sleep Better with MMS 2020

Are you tired of spending countless hours implementing some backup and recovery solution and then hoping it will be there when you need it? Our new backup and recovery product, MMS 2020, solves that. MMS 2020's graphical user interface, which resides on a Windows® client, simplifies the management of IBM i backup and recovery processes by providing secure data access and availability to all systems in the MMS 2020 network using a Microsoft® SQL Server® database.


MMS 2020 uses native IBM save/restore commands. Recurring backups can be created and scheduled. Full support for physical tape libraries and virtual tape devices maximizes backup efficiency. Jobs and system messages can be monitored in real-time and job logs and vaulting reports can be e-mailed to one or more users. Restore any object or spooled file dynamically. Comprehensive vaulting allows multiple jobs or systems to be grouped and vaulted together, individually or by system.

SQL Server

A single centralized database that resides on a Microsoft SQL server lowers IBM i disk usage/costs. Improved accuracy and reliability is assured since all systems in the MMS 2020 network access the same data. No need for data synchronization.


All communication from the user to the Microsoft SQL server and from the Microsoft SQL server to the IBM i is encrypted using secure sockets (SSL). Authority to more than 80 MMS 2020 functions can be set as needed and authority to IBM i functions are determined by the users' profile.

MMS 2020 gives IBM i professionals the ability to adapt this solution to a wide range of data protection and recovery environments. MMS 2020 uses NO proprietary commands and requires NO changes to existing programs; therefore, the integration into the customer environment is seamless. Sleep better with MMS 2020.

For a list of MMS 2020 features and functions, click here.