Save Time with Scheduler

In todays' ever changing environment, it seems that companies require more information which in turn requires that more and more batch jobs need to be scheduled and run. To simplify the task of job scheduling, LXI provides the LXIscheduler. Regardless if you have simple jobs or complex jobs, LXIscheduler has the features and functions needed to handle virtually any scheduling requirement.


LXIscheduler provides unlimited scheduling options. Most jobs can be scheduled by specifying a command and a run time while others require run dates and times within user defined calendars. If exceptions are required, you can enter reusable calendars that define run dates, holidays, or even non-working dates. Specify alternate run dates and times for non-working days, or override dates and times for unexpected or special runs.

Capture Facility

Teach LXIscheduler your procedures automatically, while you submit jobs normally from menus or command lines. The LXIscheduler Capture Facility simplifies and automates job setup by “capturing” all needed information. This feature helps eliminate errors and reduces the time and effort involved in setting up jobs.

Dependent Jobs

LXIscheduler will run a scheduled job based on the outcome of another job, even if the job ran on another system. Automate interrelated jobs regardless of complexity. Easily define multiple job dependencies and pass parameters to and from scheduled jobs. Job dependencies that link jobs across your entire network of IBM i are easily created.

Many reasons exist for choosing LXIscheduler for your job scheduler, including its wide array of features and functions, ease of implementation, flexibility, and ease of use. To ensure that important jobs are scheduled and run efficiently, try the LXIscheduler in your environment today and automate the task of job scheduling.

For a list of LXIscheduler features and functions, click here.