Message Management

LXI Page and Message Management (LXIPage) is a solution that watches for system or job events in real-time, including restricted state, and either responds directly to the system or notifies you through email or pager.

This application has extensive monitoring and message management capabilities and supports a wide variety of notification and escalation methods.

LXI Page and Message Management

  • Event Management

    • Any Type of Message in any Message Queue
    • System History Log
    • Success or Failure of any Command
    • Any Journal
    • Status of any Device, Controller, or Line Description
    • Messages by Severity, Type, Job, User or Character String
    • Any Job Queue by Status and Number of Jobs Queued
    • Any Output Queue by Status and Number of Spooled Files
    • Any Information relating to Active Jobs
    • Any Information relating to System Status

  • Paging and Email
  • Configurable Event Monitors
  • Monitor Filters
  • Message Customization
  • Escalation Options
  • Off-Duty Schedules
  • "Quick" Pages
  • Reply List Support
  • IBM i5/OS V6R1+
  • LXI Base (V5R6M1+)
Additional Information